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This server exists to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ our Savior. We do not claim a denomination of Christianity...We simply spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and provide a clean safe environment to enjoy the game. It is our hope that Christ will be represented through our server and those who frequent it.

  • God Exists as God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit all being One God as part of the "Trinity"
  • Jesus, Being Fully man and Fully God, lived a Sinless Life.
  • Jesus Died on the Cross as the one and only acceptable Sacrifice for our sins.
  • Jesus was raised to life on the Third day.
  • Jesus is the only way through which we can receive salvation through Faith in Him as our Lord and Savior and Confessing to Him that we are sinners and asking for His Forgiveness

We do not as a group advocate anything beyond the basic good news in an attempt to avoid the distractions of different denominations...Our members however are free to express their views but it is not a part of the Clan Mission.

We ask that you prayerfully consider a small donation if you support our cause.

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I remember playing counter strike back in 2001 and thinking this is a pretty cool game, I mean the maps, the graphics, the rag doll effects, the team effort to win the round and restarting the round all over again and again. I thought to myself, "This is my game" and I have enjoyed playing ever since. I have met some pretty cool people as well.

One of the things that really messed up the game play for me was that there were people that cussed, had bad name handles, pornagraphic sprays, disrespect to players, cheats, and so on. So, for me to find a server that didn't allow those things was like "awesome" but they were hard to come by. Now, since playing counter strike, I have found a few and I commend them and encourage them to continue their service for people who just want to enjoy a game without the junk.

So being new to the arena of counter strike, I asked the question, "Is there a way that we could get rid of all that junk?" The answer was simply, "Yes, we could start our own server." This was the beginning of a concept that left me restless, excited and thrilled. Wow, to have our very own server and set it up to our liking. Man, how amazing is that!

That is why sav3dcrew or {S@V3D} was formed, to have a game we all enjoy playing without the bad elements out there. I could remember walking out of the Sunday School class on the third floor of our church and thinking, "That will be great, we could have a clean server in which people of all ages could come and have some fun and at the same time, use it to influence our morals and faith." So to me it would become an online outreach. We could pray for people and their needs, and share Christ and the many blessings He has for them.

In speaking to individuals through mic, chat, emails and phone calls, sav3dcrew has been a blessing and a becon of hope. It proves that there are people in the world who genuinely care for the well-being of others. Many people have been reached throughout the United States and abroad because of sav3dcrew.

I have met amazing people who have become regulars, members, admins, staff and friends in our server who day in and day out have been extraordinary in helping sav3dcrew become what it is... "an amazing server." I am indebted to you all, for all that you do for our server, those who are present and those who are no longer with us. Thank you so very much.

I thank my Lord and Savior for amplifying His call with a simple question, "Is there a way that we could get rid of all that junk?" I am humbled and in awe for all that He has done through our server and pray that He will continue. So this server, sav3dcrew, is for His use and for His namesake. All honor, and glory goes to the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ.